Diphenylamine (DPA)

Molecular formula:(C6H5)2NH
Molecular weight:169.22
CAS NO:122-39-4
Structive formula:
Specification:Factor Standard(HG/T5534-2019)
Productquality index:

item index
appearance White or light brown flakes or particles;
colorless or light brown liquid;
Diphenylamine,w/% ≧99.6
low-boiling component,w/% ≦0.3
high-boiling component,w/% ≦0.3
Aniline,w/% ≦0.1
freezing point /℃ ≧52.5
water content,w/% ≦0.2
Alcohol insoluble solid,w/% ≦0.05
Water extract reaction Neutral

       The product is mainly used as synthesizing of rubber antioxidant such as BLE, .AM, 350, DFC-34, DDA, KY-405(CD), ODPA, ADPA and 4-Amino diphenylamine toproduce top grade antioxidant such as 4010NA. 4020 etc. Also can be used as .phenothiazine, dyestuff, medical intermediate, lubricating oil antioxidant andexplosive stabilizer.

       Sealed storage in cool, dry, well ventilated, avoid direct sunlight and rain.

      25kg paper-plastic complex bag with black plastic lining;
      Galvanized iron drum;
      Iso tank or tank truck;

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